Talent search and selection

Talent Search and Selection

We offer top tailored solutions in executives' search and selection for middle, high and directive management roles.

It is of critical relevance for us to understand and talk with the hiring managers and the customer’s strategic objectives to carry the headhunting process. It is our responsibility to assess them and add value in all process stages.

Within 10 to 15 working days we will deliver a shortlist of at least 3 entirely evaluated candidates with their respective selection reports, psychometric evaluations, professional references checking and comparative analysis.

Our goal: To satisfy your requirements.

Our focus: To get best quality results in the shortest time possible.

Our tools: Specialized team, global vision, flexibility and customized work.

Our clients can ask for counseling at any part of the process or through all of it. We are very flexible in providing all information you may need to back you up on your organizational decision process.

  • Headhunting
  • Candidates Screening
  • Market Intelligence
  • Evaluation of customer’s preselected candidates
  • Recruiting central
  • Localized databases
  • Professional References
  • Follow up during induction stage to Candidate and Hiring Management