Evaluacion psicometrica online

Online Psychometric Evaluation - PDA

Personal Development Analysis (PDA), is a powerful evaluation tool with a precise, scientific, and user friendly methodology; to measure candidate’s behavioral profile, that allows us to describe and know their skills, strengths and areas to develop.

We are making this resource available to you with the intention of keeping up our support to your strategic role in recruitment and management of Human Talent and therefor also your business achievements.


  • The test is taken online. Results are delivered immediately.

  • Validated scientifically with 90% reliability rate for all of Latin America. Allows to define positions in behavioral terms and to generate “compatibility studies” among those evaluated and the defined positions.

  • Average time for someone to complete the evaluation is between 10 and 15 minutes.

  • Customer can manage its own database online.

  • Generates complete reports, written and graphics, that will help you enhance your Human Capital selection and development processes.

  • Generates compatibility studies between candidates and positions, using percentage indicators that will determine each candidate’s capacity to be proficient in that role.

  • Measure commercial skills identifying: how does the person generates new contacts, relates and negotiates with others, closes sales, gives follow ups to customers, etc.

  • Has a versatile catalog of 24 competences from which you can select those you need according to your interests and the role definition (Commercial, Administrative or Managerial).

  • Allows to perform and read the reports form the evaluations in various languages.

This tool was incorporated to our products and services portfolio due to a partnership we hold with HS Latin America, a leading company in Argentina and Latin America and is an innovative solutions developer for “People Management”.

Among customers that already use PDA we can mention: Nestlé Waters, Claro, Baxter, Santander Group, Pepsico International, Inca Kola, Telecom, Brinks, Gatorade, MasterCard, Clorox, Siemens, First Data, Accenture, Sodexho, BMW, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (Costa Rica), Banco Santander Puerto Rico, Minera Panamá, etc.

Receive with this information an invitation to perform a free PDA Evaluation. We will be delighted to introduce you to this tool so that you can confirm its usefulness and potentiality for human capital management.

To perform an evaluation please send us a message to info@topmanagementca.com and we will send you a link shortly after, there you can access by introducing your email address and a personal password.

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