A Coaching process oriented to provide support, guiding and capacitation to professionals in a work transition moment towards a new role that matches his or her competences and professional-personal interests.

We adapt our plans according to our client’s needs in terms hours to be employed and the number of individuals, groups or organizational levels we’d be addressing to.


Instead of substituting the person’s own job search process, we make it more efficient and satisfactory through an updated training in techniques and tools for search and reinsertion in the job market.


  • Self-knowledge: This will potentiate his/her assertiveness and goals identification.
  • Identification of his/her competences level: This will help define action plans.
  • Diminishing of anguish and anxiety over detachment.
  • Shrinking of total period employed in searching for a new employment.
  • Knowledge of key factors involved in a Selection Process:
    • Personal Branding.
    • How to enhance a job interview performance.
    • Construction of a selling resume.
    • Social network and assertive communication.
    • Body language.

Participant will be provided with:

  • A Human Resources Selection and Consulting area: As a Headhunting firm, we will provide our own market knowledge and positioning as well as our local and international contact networks to promote a fast reinsertion to the working market.
  • Competences Testing and Evaluations: This will reinforce self-knowledge and professional guiding.
  • Executive Coaching: Oriented to developing competences and critical areas for success.