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Team Coaching International Certification – July 2015

It proved to be a successful and timely certification.

In the context of our 10th anniversary in Central America, Top Management together with Ben Pensante Institute carried a program called “Team Coaching International Certification” and mentored by Daniel Álvarez Lamas, a renown coach from Spain, Founder of Ben Pensante Institute and official trainer for the International Coaching Community (ICC).

This certification took place between the first and second week of July 2015 at the Wyndham Herradura Hotel, San José, Costa Rica. The main goal was to provide leaders with tools and skills to take their teams towards their best version by enhancing individual/group talent and motivation so that they can reach and retain a peaking performance.

We sincerely congratulate all participants and hope that everything learned become of great utility for their personal and professional challenges.

To them goes our gratitude and affection!