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International Leadership Certification – July 2016

In July of 2016, GBM’s Costa Rica Management Team (with the support of their General Manager Rubén Rivera and HR Manager Priscilla Sánchez) submerged into the adventure of giving and receiving knowledge.

It was a magical experience and even when this words are often spoken lightly, you can be assured that these were days for growth and becoming aware that in leadership there is also learning, it requires to be open and willing to develop our own skills as well as to acquire tools. Coaching, PNL and Mental Training as channels to lead and transform.

Daniel Alvarez Lamas was responsible for mentoring this Training Workshop. He is the founder of Benpensante Institute, an International Coach, Master Practitioner by the NLP University of Santa Cruz California and one of only 44 ICC’s official trainers.

Here are some feedback comments from the participants:

(Published under participant’s approval)

Rubén Rivera, General Manager: “A very powerful methodology, mentor knows 100% what he is doing. Excellent. Applicable, practical, and changes the way of thinking. I will use it in high performance conversations with my team and family.”

Priscilla Sánchez, HR Manager: “This contributes globally to the personal and professional life. I wish not to lose anything of what I lived in this place. This stamps our lives, that of our coworkers and without question also GBM’s future path. The mentor is one of the best things that has happened to me, he is a reflection of discipline, order, appreciation and positive values that add to the workshop experience.

Francisco Montesinos: “It is a 100% applicable methodology for the professional life. Laboratories, practices and mentoring were very good. He was very focused about transforming professionals into coaches”

Alexander Mathew: “Very good training with instruments that will help me develop my leadership in a more comprehensive way. I hope I can help others in my organization. Definitely applicable in high performance sessions with my coworkers. Thank you very much, I broke several paradigms in this workshop.”

Claudia Hernández: “Totally enriching, new ways of thinking. With coaching tools we can have very powerful sessions and discover valuable information to achieve objectives. To discover that there is always a better version and that we can achieve a leadership that inspires our coworkers. A life experience that makes me feel very exited. A lot of learning, full of gratitude.”

Jeylin Chang Blanco: “It suits me with security and new tools, it opens a path for me to be a better person and professional. In this course what I did was to listen and learn, challenge me to quiet my inner voice and listen thoroughly. Thank you very much”

Roberto Mena: “It has contributed great learning of very useful and practical tools. What I value the most is the capacity and skills of Daniel to give confidence and make us believe that it is actually possible. I will apply the tools with my work team by getting into high performance sessions, the Speech of Change and the timeline. Thank you very much.”

¡¡Very proud of the GBM team.
We congratulate wish them success!!