Certificacion Internacional Liderazgo - Abril 2016

International Leadership Certification – April 2016

Full success through this International Leadership Certification.

This time the management team at Ricoh Costa Rica actively participated, lead by their General Manager Hernán Quirós and their HR Manager Bernaly Gómez.

The team got deeply involved in interiorizing the Management Tools, Coaching, NLP and Mental Training as those are means to a transformative leadership.

Daniel Alvarez Lamas is a Top Management’s partner, founder of Instituto Benpensante, Master Practitioner by the NLP University of Santa Cruz (California) and one of the 44 official trainers of ICC. He was this certification’s mentor.

Here are some of the participants comments:

(Shared with their approval)

Hernán Quirós:
“Aside from knowledge, this certification provided me with a Vision and a very clear Action Plan. 100% Applicable to my company’s challenges. I will apply the High Performance Conversations with each team member”.

”An easy to use methodology.”

”Daniel is an excellent mentor and coach. He delivers a powerful message to achieve transformation.”

“Being so practical, it facilitates subject matter comprehension and the application of provided tools”

Bernaly Gómez:
“I’m convinced there is a before and after set by this program experience”

Christian Díaz:
“Overall what I value the most from this tools is the enabling to build a High Performance Team…"